„Marketplace“ for young entrepreneurs“ (Social Network)

Social network nowadays is an integral part of people's communications, of their everyday life. Our social network is a magic wand which can guarantee successful consultations for young entrepreneurs, encourage entrepreneurship among young people as a form of self-employment and cooperate to establish lasting connections between education and business as an answer of their needs.

„Marketplace" for young entrepreneurs" Is effective and long-term social network – we want to build confidence in our users by giving information about entrepreneurship skill trainings, startup opportunities, contacts with potential investors and partners and answers to actual questions about economic and labor market.

You can find here a partner for your business in the cross border region.

Working for yourself

front-1In the beginning of 2013 Eurobarometer (research by the European parliament) reports that almost half of the Bulgarians (49%) want to work for themselves and not to be someone's hired workers. Working for yourself is an idea which is less popular nowadays than in 2009, according to Eurobarometer. 36 % of Bulgarians have been starting their own business.

The statistic doesn't report the success or the duration of the business. The risk of bankruptcy is the biggest threat according to the self-employed. 70% are expressing their fear from the lack of enough finances for independent business activity.

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